SmartThings adds Z-Wave firmware update functionality

Looks like the latest SmartThings hub beta firmware (this is public knowledge) added support for Z-Wave firmware updates:

Notable highlights:

If for any reason you have an applicable device and do not want the device’s firmware to be updated, we encourage you to opt-out of the 0.34.x beta.

Device firmware updates are automatically attempted every 24 hours.

If an update fails for any reason, another attempt will be made in 24 hours

So, here's (apparently) to firmware updates, whether you want them or not! :laughing: (Hope they figure something out for updates that change command classes and might need re-pairing, like some Zooz devices do.)

Still, looks like a neat addition. It should be noted that they have also long been able to to Zigbee updates (with hub-wide and and non-bulb opt-opt options), and the "features" above may change before public release.

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I just read that too. Am I reading that right that beta will only do the update for the Inovelli Ilumin RGBW Smart Bulb (LZW42) at the moment?

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That’s how i read it.

That's what it looks like, likely because Inovelli was cooperating with them during their development of this feature. (Inovelli has been teasing that they were working with a major hub vendor to help test their Z-Wave firmware updating process, and this was my guess as to who, even though Hubitat also came out with something unofficial around the same time.) Looks like they are hoping to expand it in the future.

Took them long enough :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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