Smartthing motion sensor

Has anyone gotten one to work? it paired as a device, and then nothing.

I unpaired and re-paired and all is ok,

Ho did you pair the motion sensor? I can’t seem to pair mine. Took out battery, pressed on button while inserting battery and let go when light comes up. It just continues to blink blue. Would like to see if there is another way to do it.

When I did it, I unpaired from smartthings, then did a discover on hubitat. That part I had no issue.

Good point. Can’t believe I didn’t try that first. Will try it later today when I get back. Thanks.

I was having similar issues to the OP where ST motion sensor would pair but then would not report any motion. After many attempts to re-pair i eventually stumbled upon an option in the ST hub called insecure rejoin under zigbee utils. I unset this and it's now working ok. May have been a coincidence but just in case it helps anyone else.

Most likely coincidence since you have to reset all the setting in the zigbee device to pair it to Hubitat. I have many ST motion sensors from all Gen and don't have much issue other than batteries. Possible there's a mesh or interference issue you guys have as well.

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