Smartthing Button and IFTTT

I just got a Hubitat the other day and am new to using it. I was wondering if there was a nicer way to get a smartthings button to work with IFTTT (I do not own a smartthings hub)

what I'm wanting to do is get the smartthings button when pressed once to turn on a Wifi Light Switch, and then when held in it turns that same light switch off.

the way I was able to get it to work was in Hubitat make a virtual contact switch that would close when the Smartthings button was pressed and would open when the button was held. I then was able to get IFTTT to turn the Wifi Light switch On/Off according to what the Contact switch did.

This method works but to me seems a bit clumsy, I would have thought IFTTT would be able to see the Smartthings Button and I could just use that and not make a Virtual Contact Switch. IFTTT only seems to think the Button is a temperature sensor.

IFTTT does not understand the concept of a "Button" device. Since the ST Button is not a switch, IFTTT only 'sees' it as a "Temperature" device. Your solution is probably about as good as it is going to get, as long as you need IFTTT for the control of that WiFi light switch.

Personally, I'd replace the light switch with something natively supported by Hubitat.

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Ok cool thanks for the quick response (kinda silly that IFTTT doesn't understand a button but o well). In the future I will look into upgrading that light switch to one that will work better with Hubitat. It was just given to me as a gift so wanted to try and save some money and use it for a bit. I have some Wifi outlets that I will also be wanting to upgrade now that I finally caved a decided to get this Hub.

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If you're starting from scratch, I would strongly recommend you at least take a look at Lutron Caseta for Switches, Dimmers, Fan Controllers, Outlets and Pico Remotes. The Lutron hardware is very well engineered, is reliable, and performs very well. The local LAN integration between Hubitat and the Lutron SmartBridge Pro2 is via telnet, and has been very fast and reliable.

Good luck & Welcome to Hubitat!

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Ok cool thanks for tip :blush: I'll look into the Lutron stuff.