SmartSurge devices / virtual devices possible?

Apologies - I am new to this, sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Does anyone know if SmartSurge devices are supported? They appear to be app controlled / on LAN in some way. Meh has a sale for $29 for 2 power strips - which is orders of magnitude cheaper than other strips I've seen, but it's not zigbee or z-wave unfortunately.

They are definitely not officially compatible (see: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation), but many devices work--with either stock or custom drivers--that aren't on that list. However, I can't find anything about them with a search of this forum, so I wouldn't count on it. I did search the SmartThings forum as well and couldn't find much there, either, but one person said it looks like they might be able to use the Tuya/Smart Life app. In that case, there are two things that might work with Hubutat: flashing the firmware to Tasmota (assuming this device is supported--this isn't Hubitat-specific and you'd have to figure that out somehow, probably with your actual model number) and using a custom driver someone wrote for Tasmota, or using a community-created Tuya integration that requires you to add a middleman (a nodeJS app running on any "server" or always-on computer you want).

Neither will be quite as easy and quite possibly not as nice as something that would work natively with Hubitat, e.g., the Zooz ZEN20. But I certainly understand the price consideration considering the difference.

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There's unfortunately more and more Tuya bases devices using a different chip than the supported one (EDIT: Supported in this context does NOT mean officially supported by Hubitat, just supported by third party solutions). This is especially true for power strips. A good place to find out what is really used can be FCC docs if you can find the exact right ones. Even blurry photos can be enough if you know what you're looking for. If you find the docs I can have a look.

Looks like the SW003 & SW004 can both be flashed with Tasmota so you should be able to use the firmware markus maintians for HE.

Yes, knowing the device name makes it easier :slight_smile: I should have started to ask for that one... Those will work, there's a multi switch driver as well.

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