SmartStart? Pending

I’ve seen this topic other places here but mine really NEVER get added.

Aggravating since all of these new Ring contact sensors have codes.

Am I doing something wrong?

Mine have always worked, but the name is never correct. Have you checked the bottom of your Z-Wave Details screen to see if it might be there under a different/generic name?

Nope. Not showing up there.

Trying to add the contact sensor the normal route shows this message, but I DO have a C7 hub w current firmware.

I wonder if the sensor might not be in inclusion mode. I know that the V1 are sometimes very hard to include… Not sure about the V2…

what's your z-wave details page look like?

Have you checked the past logs for additional clues? The S2 encryption may be failing. It will tell you what to do next.

It shows the four devices I've managed to pair so far:

NOW I see they've all lost Routes except a sensor. That OC was my big main "mesh starter" and it won't repair. Its 15 feet from the hub, no obstructions.

It show the recent attemps to pair, Ring with 'add devices' option, but nothing from before that where I scanned it with the SmartStart.

The Ring Sensor is blinking green like its trying to be found. I've laid it on-top-of the HE and its still won't pair.

Is there such a thing as a broken z-wave radio on a HE hub?

There is such a thing as too close. Within a couple foot or so should work though.

Possible, but not probable. It usually is something else other than the hub. There are some things that should be looked at first.

  • My first is if you suspect a hub failure that you should be working with support, if you haven't started to already.

  • Normally the Zwave isn't super stable with only a couple devices, and it takes maybe a dozen or so devices to start to build a good strong mesh "backbone". So it is somewhat normal in my opinion to see some slight instability at first.

  • Have you done the latest Hubitat update, and along with that the Zwave firmware update? The Zwave firmware update makes a big difference in the stability of the Zwave system. Update this first before you go much further.

  • Hub location and interference from other devices can play a huge part. I have seen people stuff these hubs behind a TV, in an entertainment center, or between books in a bookcase. None are great ideas. And with USA Zwave, 900 Mhz devices like baby monitors and older cordless phones among other things can interfere. Other Zwave hubs can be interfering also, if you have something like a Smartthings hub that could be saturating the Zwave band and hard for Hubitat to overcome that interference.

  • I can't tell if you are running a full Zwave repair there by the screenshot, but it is usually recommended to not do that. A full repair theoretically isn't needed in most cases, and if you do need to run a repair an individual node repair is the better option over a full repair.

  • My last suggestion is to do 3-4 devices and wait an hour or so before you start adding more. Giving the mesh time to build and settle seems to help with the ability to add more devices.

Also may I make a suggestion that you keep all your posts in one thread, I can't quite tell what is going on by all these separate threads here. These issues you are having seem to be loosely related, but having to dig through your posts makes it confusing for everyone to keep track of everything.


Those are full on ghosts. They need remove and re paired. Things won't pair properly while ghosts are present

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Yep, thanks. They'll all turned from stable, working devices, into ghosts. For the 4 full z-wave reset.