Smartstart Pending

I have scanned the code on the back of a v2 ring keypad and smartstart found it. In smartstart on the app it shows it is not included, pending. There is no device on the hub device page. There is nothing in the logs either.

If you click on the smartstart device in the app it brings up a window to edit the device. Here is what is chosen.

Grant Keys
Security 2 Class 2 - Access Control

Boot Mode
SmartStart Boot Mode

Any suggestions? Thanks

Thats not the "device" thats the Smart Start entry.
You need to power up the device in range of the hub, it should then pair by itself. If the device was previously paired to another hub you may need to factory reset it, or exclude it first.

Thanks. As soon as I plugged in the 5v usb plug it started flashing green and included. It now shows as a device. Now I just need to figure out how to set everything and test it.