SmartSense Multi Sensor V4

Interesting thing. I paired my SmartThings multipurpose sensors again with Hubitat after the latest update.

2 x sensors. Both paired with the same driver. One shows battery status, one does not. Neither of them show the contact sensor for open/close.

Try changing the driver to “standard” MultiSensor then open and close contact a couple times. Then change it back to MultiSensor v4". I’ve found this makes them start reporting properly.

Yeah that’s a no go @halfrican.ak - did get battery to report on the one missing battery, but still no open/close which I find funny since that’s kinda the primary purpose.

remove device and rediscover again.

lol… now you’re being funny. See this is the 3rd, fourth, fifth? Go around with these little buggers… I keep coming back every few weeks to see if the new update can see and use the correctly and when it doesn’t, I just remove them and add them back to my Home Assistant setup and they work fine… NOW the killer part is that my Home Assistant box on a raspberry pi is using the EXACT same USB stick as Hubitat… why can one see/work with these perfectly and Hubitat can’t? Is it the zigbee implementation at the software level? I’m thinking it is. I have the same thing with my stelpro thermostat. Works great with HA, ST and Vera, does not work with Hubitat.

oh well. life sucks and then you die.
For same reason I’m keeping humidity sensors on ST.
they cant fix everything in one day.
first things first.
I this order: silver bullets fixes, then low hanging fruit and last some people device drivers.

Since it’s related, I’m going to post this link to what I just posted in another similar thread (in hopes to catch a hubitat/driver developer’s eye).

Logs collected with my SmartSense set to V4.

The st/centralite humidity sensor is half done, been that way for 8 months, didnt bother as i thought i was the only person owning these…

@mike.maxwell thanks for the driver in the latest firmware. Works great so far!

@plantucha you can now move over your ST temp/humidity sensor. :grimacing:

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