Smartly'd Dashboard and

I've been working on my dashboards and have used smartly to format them. The general design philosophy is to have a series of buttons across the top that act as "tabs" for each room/area. When I am on a giving dashboard for an area(below its home) I replace that with a Text tile in a an attempt to highlight what dashboard the user is on.

I'd like to format the text tile (all text tiles?) so that they contrast the dashboard links. I don't think I can do it with the templates option and am thinking I need CSS. Correct if I am wrong. My questions is, What CSS can I use to change the formatting of the Text tile?

Sorry we missed your question. If you have not already please post over on the smartly release page, so we can help.

Before you do, try updating to the most current version of smartly just released.

@spelcheck just added some abilities that might help with what you requesting here.

We hope we can help, and sorry for the missed post, I just saw it now.