Smarthings Sensors + hubitat used with Alexa Routines?

Hi All,

I'm a current user of smarthings hub with smarthings sensors. I use the sensors to initiate routines I have in Alexa.
I made the mistake of migrating to the new smarthings app and skill and now smarthings sensors no longer working to initiate my Amazon Alexa routines.

It's about 20+ sensors no longer working to initiate a huge number of Alexa routines. Iโ€™m dead in the water.. Beyond frustrated and think I'm done with smarthings hub

Would hubitat hub be a good work around to initiate routines in Alexa? I would have to move all my smarthings sensors over to hubitat but I need confirmation this is a possibility. I donโ€™t see a path forward via smarthings hub unfortunately (never was happy with them anyway).

Can someone please confirm if I can 1) move my smarthings motion and contact sensors over to hubitat

  1. can be used to initiate Alexa routines.

If you guys aren't familiar with this process if someone could test for me. Login to Alexa (I'd imagine hubitat skills is already linked and enabled), go to routines, create new, select when this happens, select smart home, select a sensor (where it can initialize a light) next... Select detected, under add action have it set to turn on a light...

Once setup can you test the routine by engaging the sensor to see if it works. If so I'll purchase hubitat and abandon smarthings


It will work.

I don't have SmartThings sensors, but I know they can be paired to Hubitat, and I know Hubitat exposes contact/motion sensors to Alexa, permitting them to be used as triggers for Alexa Routines.


I have the Smartthings multipurpose sensors on HE and going through to Alexa from HE, Alexa knows if they are open or closed and the temperature, if the routine is based on the contact sensor it will work (Routines don't seem to offer temperature checks on these sensors even though they show it). It does not know anything else about the sensors and only supports contact or thermostat capabilities on these sensors.

I also have a smartthings leak sensor, I just added it to devices passed through to Alexa and it only picks up the temperature from it, In saying that you could use RM (Rule Machine) in Hubitat to set a virtual switch (these ARE visible in Alexa if you flag them in HE as being passed though) and use that to trigger Alexa routines based on the rules you setup in HE. You can setup as many virtual switches as you need and can have complex rules if required to set them, you may find there is no need to pass it through to an Alexa routine (unless you want to keep doing that) and run the routine directly in HE.

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I have about 30 Alexa routines that I use to control anything I want. Mostly for the wife to use, cause she has COPD she "can't operate devices". But she can talk to Alexa cause she is really good at talking. Let me just say, "if you can dream it you can do it". I try to make Alexa routines, so I can specify exactly what is spoken that she responds to. I am not sure what you are doing but I think it will be OK in HE.