Smartbot Curtain

Hi I purchased Smartbot Curtain
Can the bots work without the WiFi hub on hubitat?
I would like to integrate them and use them with hubitat, but don't know how to do any of it as I'm not very good with this stuff!!

I've done all of this below bar the very last part as I have'nt a clue

  • In the Drivers Code section of Hubitat, add the switchbotSystem, switchbotBot, switchbotCurtain, switchbotIRDevice, and switchbotMeter drivers.
  • In the Devices section of Hubitat, add a New Virtual Device of type SwitchBot System
  • On the configuration page for the newly created Device, enter these details and then Save Preferences:

Hello @johnjoe_30 , will you please post your question in this thread? SwitchBot gets an open API! - #17 by tomw

Specifically, what are you running in to with the last step? The link instructs on how to find the required info. The "newly created Device" refers to the Hubitat device page.

Anyway, if you reply in the thread that I linked to you will be able to get help from the rest of the users and keep the discussion in one place.

Hi thanks for your reply.
I have no idea how to setup or what to do!!
It's as if I need a step by step guidance
Regards John F

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