Smart ZigBee Plug Socket

It does appear he did that in post #15

So it does.

having trouble following this thread,
so which zigbee outlet does or doesn't work with our generic zigbee driver?

I get nothing showing in the logs when switching driver. Stays on the same ‘Configuirng’ as the pic above

The one I mentioned doesn’t work. With just generic driver installed HE can’t detect the device when its in pairing mode. With the custom driver from Rob the device can be seen on discovery but regardless if I set Robs driver or default Zigbee outlet driver it doesn’t work

Can you add a log.debug to the end of the configure method, to make sure it does the zigbee.onOffRefresh() and zigbee.onOffConfig().

I don't know whether either of those methods return useful information - @mike.maxwell?

When you say the built in driver doesn't work, power reporting?, on off commands?, or both...

@mike.maxwell - everything. The built in driver doesn’t report anything and clicking on the buttons doesn’t make the device do anything either

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I am also having problems with the FeiBit outlet, First, the details of the outlet are as follows:

Manufacturer: FeiBit
Product Name: Device
Model Number: FNB56-SKT1EHG1.2
deviceTypeId: 19

I have had no trouble pairing the outlet with the hub.

However, whichever driver I select ("Rob's" or the generic Zigbee outlet driver) the outlet simply does not respond. It cannot be configured and cannot be turned on or off through the hub.

If you were able to help resolve this problem - or, failing that, recommend a UK style outlet socket which is (i) available and (ii) known to work with the Hubitat hub - that would be great.

The system looks promising but at the moment - just looks ....


There are several UK sockets around, both ZigBee and Z-wave.
TKB plugs (Z-wave)
Samsung Smartthings plug (ZigBee)
Greenwave powernode (Z-wave and hard to come by)
Hive Plugs (ZigBee and custom driver)
Heiman (Z-wave)
Ikea plugs (ZigBee)

I'm using a mixture here of Hive, Heiman, SmartThings, Greewave and TKB.
This was way before Ikea released theirs, and not bad at £9 each.

Hope this helps.

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In the end I went with adding the plug into Hue bridge and then exposing it as a switch in HE

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Thanks for the suggestions.

However ...

After a quick look for sources:

TKB seem generally to be out of stock;
Samsung Smarthings are a snip at £100 plus a pop;
Greenwave - "hard to come by";
Heiman - I haven't found the UK three pin version for sale yet;
IKEA - not avaialble on line (and not at any of the IKEA branches near me either).

Which leaves Hive which appears to be available at around £35 with a custom driver (where would I get that?).

All in all I'm not certain I'm very much closer to getting a working system.



I'm using the Salus SP600 Smart Plugs.

This is a cheap Zigbee power outlet available in the UK on Amazon and Ebay. Cheapest on Ebay at £22.95. Salus is part of Computime.

It works with the Generic Zigbee Outlet for on/off switching. I've not been able to get the power reporting to work though. The reviews on Amazon say the power reporting works on Smartthings with their generic driver, apart from being out by a factor of ten. So not sure what needs to be done on Hubitat to get the power usage reporting working.


Do the Ikea work well? Do they support power reporting?

Thanks ElectronicFur. At the moment that sounds pretty much what I am looking for.


I don’t have any yet but know those who do. Work without issue but don’t report power I’m afraid.

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Hive driver here :+1:

They do not report power.

Looks like they are now avaialalbe on line - I've ordered one and will (hopefully) confirm the reports you have had.


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A couple of Salus SP600 arrived today and work fine. Thanks again.