Smart Vent Automation


This may be the hardest one I have to create.

I want to set my smart vents based on mode and a virtual switch. Looks like this:

If mode is Day or Evening:
Set MAIN Vents at 100%
Set MBR Vents and Guest Vents at 20%

If mode is Sleep AND The Guests is off:
Set MAIN Vents and Guest Vents at 20%
Set MBR Vents at 100%

If mode is Sleep and The Guests is on:
Set MAIN Vents at 20%
Set MBR Vents and Guest Vents at 100%

Looks like I can do it with 3 rules - would be nice to do it in one.


Actually, I think I have to use 6 rules???


Or a fairly simple custom app :slight_smile:


Well, I was able to do this with 4 rules - one for each MODE using if The Guests on/off and using dimmers and "other dimmers" to set the two settings. Not too bad.

That said, don't suppose you care to teach how to write a "fairly simple custom app"?


There are a number of simple example apps posted on here if you search. I know I posted one for someone, for instance.


I use this one.