Smart things Water Sensor setup

I recently changed the battery in my smart things water sensor. After battery change I can get it to read battery % and temp, but the contactors are reading "unknown". They use to read "open" or "closed". I have tried deleting it and reinstalling it, but it still reads the same. Is there a new Type or new setup I need to use to get it to work? (P.S. I have also update the firmware to 2.3.4)

Not really... I'm just using the generic zigbee driver. Have you tried actually getting them wet? It may take an activation event to send the status, whereas battery and temp don't.

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what is the type of Generic Zigbee Driver you are using Generic Zigbee Water Sensor or Generic Zigbee contact Sensor ? Which one there are several?

Try touching the contacts with a damp finger and hitting “configure” on the device page.

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well I'll be damned- I reset it and deleted the config again and now it works... thanks for the help all

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