Smart Things water sensor doesn't send alert

I have 2 water sensors by ST on a HE dashboard. The sensors added OK and they read OK when dry and wet. But a ran a test and wet the sensors but didn't get a notification. The template I used said "water" should I use a different template?
Also want to set them on their own dashboard, which I did but there's no disarm/arm tile. How do I add a arm/disarm tile


As in the icon did not change? or were you expecting a text alert?

A water sense is always "armed" I am not sure what you mean. It should look like this on dash when dry (well this is smartly but you get the point)


yes it goes from dry to wet on the dashboard but I was expecting a text, email or app alert that there is water in the basement etc.

You need to set that up. You can do it via the built in Hubitat Safety Monitor app, or there are many 3rd party apps that can do it as well.

Hubitat is more "hands on" where you will need to customize each settings as you want it. It will not "auto configure" things such as this. They are not hard to add, and if you have any trouble feel free to post and there are many here to help.

How do I set up a water sensor in HSM to send an alert?

I use the built in "Notifer" app. Notifier - Hubitat Documentation

Should look something like this:

Water sensor set up screens

Install app.

Name and sensors.
Add sensors.
Set conditions.
Configure text alerts.
Add audio/restrictions.

Note that if you want Hubitat to send you text alerts, your device (Phone/Tablet), has to be added via the mobile app.

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Thanks for your help. I finally got it to work, thanks to you.
Greatly appreciated,


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