Smart Things Contact Sensor V4 Suddenly Going Nuts

I have a ST multipurpose sensor (v4… the rectangular version that comes with a screw on clip in base) that’s suddenly “bouncing” like crazy in the sense that I’m getting open/closed notifications like nuts. It’s been in service on this same door for maybe a year. I changed the battery in case that was low, but no luck.

Anyone else had these suddenly go all nuts on you? Anything I can do, like firmware updates or resets?

I've had zigbee devices go weird on me before, seemingly without reason. I'd just reset and re-pair it in place. The hub should recognize it as a known device and keep all existing automations and what-not intact.

I haven’t tried repairing yet, so that’s a good idea. It’s not tied to many automations so even if it did go sideways I’m not worried.

One oddity is that the device is still reliably connected and actual open/close events are instant and it’s always catching them. After a true opening it seems to go all haywire for a few hours then eventually settle down.

ok, I just noticed something else that's odd: I'm pretty sure this is something about the Notifications built-in app going crazy, not the device. I realize I have the device exposed through MakerAPI to Homebridge and I do not get the same false openings over there... so then I went back and realized I'm only seeing notifications that the door is opening but I have two separate Notification rules that are copies of each other except one does door-open warnings and the other does door-close. Both rules are templates that listen to multiple devices. It turns out only the OPEN rule is triggering, which is seemingly straightforward evidence that the rule itself is messed up, not the device.

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