Smart switches AND smart bulbs how to?

I have read multiple posts and I think I have a grasp on this, basically I want colored lights (I have hue and inovelli ilumin) as well as the ability to have switches (valuable for guests and constant power to smart bulbs). I have inovelli on/off as well as inovelli dimmers. I have the following questions:

I just need to disable local control and then use the hubitat simple lighting app to turn the bulbs on/off correct?

Will the ilumin bulbs act as reliable zwave repeaters if relay is disabled and they are always technically on? (I have read that other bulbs are poor repeaters and should be deactivated or avoided)

I can direct associate the inovelli switches to the inovelli ilumin bulbs, this way if the hubitat goes down they should still work?

I will use on/off switches for the hue bulbs and dimmers for the ilumin bulbs?

No way to directly associate switches to hue bulbs since they are zigbee?

Any other comments are greatly welcomed, I am trying to get my home dialed in to then possibly use the hubitat in professional installations, my wife is surprisingly putting up with all this as well.

For this part, you could use my Switch Bindings app. It will associate them at the hub.


That is one option; Simple Lighting is not the only one but provides easy options to set up simple automations.

The only reported problems with smart bulbs as repeaters are with Zigbee bulbs. There are far fewer Z-Wave smart bulbs and so it could just be that not as many people have used them to catch this behavior, but that seems unlikely to me. I would definitely recommend keeping the Z-Wave bulbs always-on, as you plan; Z-Wave Plus does have some self-healing capabilities, so it's not necessarily sure disaster if you don't, but if your network is mixed with "classic" Z-Wave devices, they may not like it as much.

Yes, you can do direct association for on/off (for the Inovelli switches or dimmers) or on/off and level (for the Inovelli dimmers). Anything more than that will need to get the hub involved. You could also use the hub for everything instead of direct association for anything, with the disadvantage that you note.

Really, either should work in either case, with the difference being that you'd lose the possibility for direct association of level (brightness) without the dimmer. If you use the hub, the same things are possible with either: the Red version of either the switch or dimmer will send the same "scene" (button) events for multi-taps and holds/releases. You'll get an event sent to the hub for 1-5 taps up, 1-5 taps down, holding and releasing (one event each) up, and holding and releasing down. You'll need to use a custom driver or modify their driver as suggested in the forum to get the "released" event after the hold, but that makes either the switch or dimmer useful for "change level while holding"-type automations (start changing on hold, stop changing on release), though you could use multi-taps to adjust the level as well (but less intuitively in my opinion). Hubitat's native driver coming in 2.1.8 will likely also include "released" events, but you won't get any multi-tap beyond a double tap with that driver. In any case, my point is that you don't necessarily need the dimmer to actually dim.

In related news, I've had bad luck running Hue smart bulbs on the Inovelli dimmer, even with a neutral and the switch level set to 99 (100%)--sometimes they buzz or flicker as if they aren't fully powered. If you don't want direct association or the larger LED bar, I might recommend the switch in all cases. I've posted on the Inovelli forums about my problems (probably around a month ago) but have not received any responses. I suspect this is a problem with the dimmer and not the Hue bulbs per se. They've advertised this as working with smart bulbs and I'd hope that their own would be fine, but along the same lines I have no reason to believe Hue wouldn't be, either, so who knows...

Correct, association is a Z-Wave-specific feature. (Touch Link on the Zigbee side is probably the most similar concept, but there are no Zigbee inovelli products, and I have yet to see a hardwired Zigbee switch/button device that supports it.) But again, by putting the hub in the middle, you can create pretty much any automation you want regardless of what protocol any of the devices involved use--the nice thing about hubs, especially multi-protocol ones like Hubitat.

IANAL, but my understanding of the Hubitat TOS is that it is for personal use only. (Most DIY systems are also not something I'd want to be on the hook for supporting for other people, even if they work well for me, but that's another story.)

Thanks! This is all great info, I had the same experience with the dimmers functioning poorly with the hue bulbs, I am hoping they will work better with inovelli ilumin bulbs. I plan to use just on/off for the hue switches. I only have z-wave plus devices so the bulbs shouldn't REALLY be an issue if turned off but will disable relay just to be sure. At the end of the day I would like to get to the level where insteon was with multiple scenes all coordinated together (had some decent success with this using ISY 994 in the past with 6/8 button insteon switches).

@jwetzel1492 Thanks! I haven't seen this before, I have two locations where I have inovelli dimmers as 3 way to fixture, this should sync them up nicely! I guess the only drawback is if the hub goes down this will not work, but I believe the pros outweigh the cons here :slight_smile:

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Smart Bulb, Smart Switch and Rules

I have two Sengled BR30 bulbs (defined as a xx-Bulbs in a Group) in a Mirror Me with a Zooz ZEN23 switch (xx-Bulb Switch) that has local paddle control disabled. This is a requirement to enable local control.

I also have a RM rule set up to turn on the bulbs and set colors based on time of day.

I occasionally have the following problems (1) the switch will not control the bulbs, (2) one bulb will not respond to on-off commands from switch or the rule, (3) one bulb will not display the proper color.

Besides any suggestions as to the solution to the sporadic problem, I would like guidance on whether I should be using xx-Bulbs or xx-Bulb Switch to control the bulbs from the RM rule.

Let me see if I get this straight? You have the switch set to disable local control. You then use the Mirror app to mirror the on/off state of the switch to control the bulb group?

I do the same thing with a simple rule:

This way the switch triggers the changes rather than having the mirror app watch it for state changes.

Thank you for your response.
My scenario is a bit different in that I am automating the lighting and color of the room based on times.
Here is what I have configured.

Here is the Group to control the two Zigbee bulbs. I did this so the colors and timings are coordinated.

Here is the Mirror me rule to enable the switch to control the lights.

Here is the rule to automate illuminating the room based on times

What I want to confirm is whether I should use the "bulb" as I am doing, or if I should refer to the "switch" in the rule. Is there is a wrong way to do this or does it matters?

I know that changing the state of the "bulb" does not change the state of the "switch", but as I am not using the "switch" state for any purpose, I do not think it matters to me.

Whereas, turning the "switch" on and off does affect the state of the group "bulb".
I welcome any thoughts and suggestions.

Do you use modes at all? They are a lot easier than trying to use lots of time conditions.

For example, I have morning, day, evening, night, and bedtime (plus movie and away for non-time related modes.)

Iโ€™m not at home right now so I canโ€™t reach the rules. I use set color temp by mode. Something like this:

Morning: 6500, 30
Day: 6500, 50
Evening: 2700, 40
Night: 2700, 20
Bedtime: 2700, 1

I key the rule off of motion but you can just as easily use mode changed.

Plans changed, now I'm home. So you can setup a rule like this.


And use mode manager similar to this.

Note that I use a button to trigger Bedtime mode so that is why it isn't called out in mode manager.

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Thanks for that. I will try color by mode as it does seems to be easier.

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