Smart Switch Recommendation for 13 Bulbs

I have 13 of these Hykolity LEDs.

They are supposed to only be 14 watts each. Ever since I've started trying some various smart switches with them, they all randomly blink and flash. I've tried the Enbrighten switch and enbrighten dimmer as well as the Leviton Z Wave Dimmer. All these switches are supposed to be rated for 300+ watts and the lights I'm using should only be 182 watts. is there a different brand of switch I should look into trying? Thanks!

It's not the switch, it's the bulb. Apparently they don't play well with digital dimmer. You can try Lutron Caseta but I suspect what will happen is they will somewhat dim then just turn off if not flicker.


You may want to try a LED bypass to see if that may clean up the flickering. My mom had 6 cans converted to LED's selected by an electrician. The darn electrician took out my Inovelli dimmer switch and the cans and put in "discs" then put in a cheep dimmer switch from Lowes that only had like 25% dimming but the lights didn't flicker.

I told my mom to call the electrician to get the Inovelli dimmer back and I re-installed it and tested. Just as documented in this thread there were random times where the lights flickered and also some on percentages would also cause them the flicker.

I installed a LED bypass and that solved all the flickering issues but I am really mad at the electrician putting in such cheep LED but at least they are now usable again and controllable again from the hubitat.

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I have 4 of these in another room on an enbrighten dimmer with no issues.

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Did you wire it with the master switch? or just in one random bulb?

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There are forward phase and reverse phase dimmers. Apparently, these lights don't like whichever one your switches are using.

Here is a good article from Leviton about this. Please note that I think Leviton are awful, and they cause lots of problems with Zwave. I don't advise using them.

Zooz also has a good comparison of their older devices, but it also applies to their newer stuff too.

And another statement about their various devices.

On the other hand, this shouldn't happen with a switct. I am not sure that the dimmer style can completely fix this if a switch is making them flicker. How do they work with a dumb switch?

Thank you. That's super interesting info. Honestly I only had them on a dumb switch for a week. it was a new build and I got started changing switches out almost immediately after moving.

I wired it from the master switch. Pretty easy to do.