Smart Switch - No Neutral Required

I have a switch with no neutral wire. The hose was built in 1954 and the neutral was wired in the ceiling to the two lights the switch controls so there's no option to get a neutral wire in there. I know there are switches that don't require a neutral but every product I've found through search requires one.

I'm hoping someone can point me to a zigbee or z-wave switch that doesn't require a neutral wire. Or if that's not an option a wifi switch that works with hubitat. Any suggestions?

You want as their smart switch can handle no-neutral and comes either as Zigbee or Zwave. Lutron Caseta can handle it too, but that would require the Pro version of their hub in order to connect with Hubitat.

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This one from GE Enbrighten, but can’t find it currently available.

I use these Zigbee switches from Aqara

For the driver, I use the 'Xiaomi / Aqara / Opple Drivers with Presence' available through HPM.


Here is another option I used:
They have worked perfectly for over a year.

I've seen those on Amazon before but I was wary of them since I'd never heard of the xompany. Do they use the generic driver?

These seem ok ,, I use them ..
I think the generic ZigBee switch driver works fine.

Yes, indeed. It's the "Generic Zigbee Switch" driver.
I have them tied to various rules; a custom dashboard tile; and a few custom apps I've written. They always work well, and I've never ran into any issues.

If neutral is in the light box, that probably means constant hot is there also. You could use a Zooz 51 in the light fixture box. No change at the switch, just add the relay.

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You can use a small Dimmer (or Switch) right in the light fixture, reconnect a "return hot" as a "neutral" (most likely colors will be incorrect but should not be a big deal) and use whatever scene controller of your choice in the rewired old switch box. Another option is to use a Smart Bulbs instead of inline dimmer/switch (you still will need to rewire light fixture) but personally I don't like Smart Bulb option.