Smart sprinkler controllers

I am having a new in-ground irrigation system put in this weekend and I am curious to hear what smart sprinkler controllers with hubitat compatibility everyone is using.

I’ve been running two eve-aquas off the yard spigots, but I am now looking to upgrade to a more comprehensive solution with 8-zones.

I have several automations built with Ecowitt soil moisture sensors and would like to be able to incorporate these with my new system somehow.

Any one have any suggestions?

I use a Rachio. There is a Hubitat integration, but I don't use it. I run everything using the Rachio app.

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I am using Rachio and like the others typically just let it do it’s thing based on direct programming via their app.

But I periodically do drive it through Alexa to HE to Rachio. I primarily set this up to increase the WAF. I have a virtual dimmers corresponding to each zone plus backyard (three zones) and front yard (two zones) so I can just set a dimmer to a certain level - corresponding to minutes of course - and away it goes.

The community supported Orbit B-Hyve stuff works well enough too. It is a cloud-based integration if that matters to you.

I use Rain Machine with the community app.