Smart relay install location?

Hello, I have a circuit with a light and an exhaust fan on the same switch. I would like to have individual control of each. My plan is to replace the bulb with a smart bulb, and install a Zooz Smart Relay up next to the fan. Am I correct in thinking that these relays can be safely installed near the device, and don't have to be inside a gang box?

Thank you.

Have you considered the Zooz Zen30 double switch? (Amazon Link)

It's a Z-Wave switch where the paddle is a dimmer, and the horizontal button can be a relay for loads up to 15 Amps...all in a single gang switch.

This way, you don't need a smart bulb...just a regular one will do.

I use these for the ceiling fans in my house...light for the dimmer, and the fan for the switch. I set the pull chain for the fan to the speed I want.

Well that was the original plan. I have one of those switches, and then discovered that the fan is wired to the bulb fixture.

So you only have 1 wire vs 2?

Will you be able to wire it such that the bulb is always on and the fan has wires running to the switch? If that is the case, you can still use the Zen30...

  • Add the smart bulb per your original thought
  • Wire the fan into the relay contact
  • Have Hubitat control the smart bulb based on what happens on the Zen30 dimmer

Negative, the walls are closed now and it's a done deal.

But yes, that's what I was thinking of doing. Have the lower Zen30 button remotely control the fan, and have the dimmer portion remotely control the bulb. I just wanted to make sure it was safe to have the relay up inside fan, instead of inside a gang box, but it sounds like this is how it is frequently done.

I figure I'll have to remove it when I sell the house, but that's a wholllle nother story :smiley: