Smart Reboot Option for Diagnostics Tool

I have woken up to find my hub not responsive a couple of times recently, and now it's dark in the mornings this is more inconvenient.
No luck finding out why though.
Would it be possible for the diagnostic tool to do a simple health check on the hub and reboot it if it becomes unresponsive?
Also, some kind of indication that it was rebooted.

Kind of... I'm using RM and Hub Information by @thebearmay to achieve something in the line of what you're asking, but for the rule found below I'm only tracking the hub memory. With that said, you can choose whatever you want as the trigger amongst the available states.

@damianm Plenty of ways to auto reboot but I would look to resolving the issue first. If it's a regular thing that could point to a database issue. I would start with download a fresh backup to your pc. Go to yourhubip:8081 and do a soft reset then restore from the back you made to your pc. This will ensure a corrupt free database. Then I would start honing in on devices. (Any ghosts?) then disable all 3rd party apps and re enable one at a time. Like I said, if you're locking up and having to dirty reboot every day, something is wrong. Likely corrupt database though

It's not too regular, it's been months between issues. There was nothing in the logs last time. This time there is something I'm looking into
dev:3882021-11-21 06:50:01.353 inforefresh()

[app:1554]( 03:00:37.270 [error]( file Living Room Meter-Meter (temperature) :: Connection Exception: Read timed out

[app:1554]( 03:00:37.270 [error]( file Zigbee - Xiaomi Mijia Smart Light Sensor (Zigbee 3.0) (illuminance) :: Connection Exception: Read timed out

[app:1554]( 03:00:37.269 [error]( file ZMLT 2 (illuminance) :: Connection Exception: Read timed out

[app:1554]( 03:00:37.268 [error]( file ZMS-1 (humidity) :: Connection Exception: Read timed out

[app:1554]( 03:00:37.260 [error]( file ZMS-1 (illuminance) :: Connection Exception: Read timed out

[app:1554]( 03:00:37.266 [error]( file ZMLT-4 (illuminance) :: Connection Exception: Read timed out

[app:1554]( 03:00:37.264 [error]( file Living Room Meter-Meter (humidity) :: Connection Exception: Read timed out

[app:1554]( 03:00:37.258 [error]( file ZMLT 1 (illuminance) :: Connection Exception: Read timed out

My request is not meant to be a band-aid, it's to prevent downtime. It's inconvenient when it goes down at night when my morning routines do not fire, and also I cannot turn on the lights till its rebooted.

Just check one thing first - I thought my hub was being unresponsive some mornings then it turned out when I took my phone up to the bedroom it found a better connection to my guest SSID and was being prevented from accessing my hub! Since I stopped my phone from connecting to guest automatically my hub has been behaving fine :slight_smile:

Its not that, there is a four hour gap in the logs and it wasnt running rules.

See that sounds like some kind of corruption to me

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