Smart Products by CE Smart Home Not Working with HE

I am super Fan of Costco and Smart product with "CE Smart Home" are not compatible or not working, I tried through LAN discovery, but its not working.
Does HE will provide support for these elevated smart devices devices?

None of the following devices works with HE
Smart Dimmer
Smart Outlet
Smart Plug
Smart Power Strip

These products are currently not supported, and we don't have plans to add support in the short term.
Supported products are listed in

any Specific Reason behind not to support these smart devices?

Do they have a published local api?
Of so we can have a look.

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While it would be nice to be able to support everything, most of these companies are pushing their own closed ecosystem with a few specific voice assistant integrations.

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It would be nice if you guys can work on this issue and contact directly CE Smart Home company. Costco is big wholesaler selling these devices and if HE can work on this, would be a great add on.

There is some evidence* these devices are esp8266 based meaning they could be reflashed and then used, most of these manufacturers don’t open up a local api so there is not much HE can do.

The company doesn’t integrate with any hub and doesn’t provide an api. Most vendors don’t want to integrate with hubs, they want you to use their app. The device isn’t lan based, it uses a private cloud api from what I can tell. There are many many devices out there and HE integrates with a LOT but not everything, especially not products that don’t offer a way to integrate. Also, HE is all about local. These bulbs are not local. So I’m sure it’s very low on the priority list, even if they’re sold at Costco since they don’t align with what HE is trying to achieve.

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On the other hand, people could not buy into closed ecosystems, and buy things like Zwave and Zigbee that DO integrate with little or no issues to most hubs.

Buying and therefore encouraging this Wifi crap and closed systems is just making home automation worse rather than better.

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That's a good information, lot of peoples they don't know about open or closed systems, so what type of smart devices have to select or technology which could be integrated with these type of hubs

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