Smart plugs

I have some smart plugs and I was wondering do I just keep those on Alexa or is there a way to have those integrated on Hubitat as well? I've been searching for the answer online but have come up empty. Thanks

That is pretty vague. What brand/model, and are they Zigbee, Zwave, or Wifi?

TP link kasa z wave

Those plugs are Wifi. There's a Hubitat app for integration available.

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Wifi stuff isn't my area of expertise. But it appears some models are supported through a community driver. They aren't officially supported as far as I can tell.

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The integration @neonturbo mentioned, has in my 2 year experience, been 1000x more reliable and stable than zigbee in HE. The WIFI network never goes offline , unlike zigbee, and the devices never drop. I do have very strong Unifi AP's and set a static address for the plugs. The plug works instantly and reliably.
My zigbee, well let's not go there, no reason to beat a dead horse, 75 other threads took care of that.

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As another data point on zigbee I have just over 100 zigbee sensors. I have at least 1 zigbee repeater per room in my home. This has been very solid without device drops. Also very responsive. I do not use zigbee bulbs on my primary hub due to the issues I read with these devices when reading through the forums. I do have a Hue hub and a dedicated bulb hub for some Lightify lights I mistakenly purchased as they support zll in Europe but are zha only in the US.

Not discounting others issues, but have found zigbee to work very well for my own home.

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