Smart plugs with power reporting down to fraction of a watt

Looking for Zigbee smart plugs that:

  • Rock solid, prefer a reliable brand (who wouldn't...)
  • Report power down to a fraction of a watt so I can measure usage of low power devices. For example, if a device uses 1.2 watt, that's the number I want to see, without rounding it up or down to the nearest whole number.

IRIS plugs had that feature....but they are not easy to find anymore. However, I am not sure they did real time reporting, or the average usage over some period. Might be the latter, because it would take them some time after you plugged them in to start showing the usage. I only need the average usage, I actually don't need true real-time reporting.

Might be hard to find as reporting at the .1W level would likely create incessant updates flooding the Zigbee network. You could have a periodic reading but this seems better suited to a high speed serial or Ethernet product.

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Just edited my post to say that IRIS plugs did that. I remember they reported down to a tenth to the IRIS app, and they never caused any issues with the zigbee network....

They are not zigbee they are zwave but the fibaro wall plugs report to the tenth of a watt. I use alot of them.

Otherwise there are still lots of Iris plugs for sale on eBay

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Ahh I thought you meant reporting on .1W change too.

The Iris ones certainly report .1W using srwhite's driver: [RELEASE] Enhanced Smart Plug Driver (not the built-in one).

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Even at a .1W change, does not mean you will have more reporting. If the device plugged in to it is a lamp, then if it's using 60W it won't vary in time until there is a change in state. A hot plate might have more reporting because it is turning the elements on and off to keep the temperature constant. When you see it reporting too much, just change the settings so tame it down a bit.


To be this detailed, you might want to go to wifi based energy monitoring like iotawatt or similar.

Are those V1 or V2 plugs? I have both and am not seeing reporting in fraction of a watt.

Mine are all v2, either 3210-L or 3210-L2. I checked; the 5 with loads all report tenths of a watt (the 6th is just acting as a repeater and has nothing connected).

I did have them all connected to ST at one point so they are all running the latest (last) firmware.

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Oh, I just remembered that I'm using shackrat's "Iris Smart Plug" driver, not the built-in "Generic Zigbee Outlet". That is why I've seeing tenths of a watt.

That explains it. Thanks for the update.

Ah, that makes sense. Because I checked my settings and also did not see fractions. 1 is the minimal configurable interval in the standard driver.

So that means I can't get this done regardless of the plug I choose, except the IRIS with the custom driver. Kind of puts me in a tough spot, because I'm trying to avoid using any custom code in my HE setup.

Unless you are insistent they must be zigbee. The Fibaro's have a stock driver and report to the tenth in power reporting and hundredth on energy reporting.

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Yes good point, you mentioned that before. But ouch, at $50 a pop they are expensive....what else is good about them? Are they rock solid stable? My insistence on Zigbee is because these are critical devices for me, I have less trust in Zwave in general...

You can get them for around $35 on eBay from the smartest house, their ebay listings are cheaper than their website listings.

Yes they are rock solid, I too am less trusting of zwave, I've had them for a few years now never had any issue, in fact I've ordered about 5 more this month.

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