Smart Plugs for Hubitat & Hoobs

I use Elevation for my critical automations and Alexa integration and Homekit for non-critical stuff and for its ease of use thru iPhone interface and Siri. I’m ditching some unreliable Homekit compatible WiFi Smart Plugs that power cycle everytime they disconnect and reconnect to WiFi. I’m looking for the best Smart Plug that I can add and control through my Elevation Hub which is paired to Homekit through Hoobs. Since my Elevation Hub is rock solid, I was thinking about some Zigbee or Z-Wave plugs, but don’t know much about them. Not looking for cheap or inexpensive, but rather the best choice that just work well. Don’t need dimmers, just simple load on and off 15amp appliance & transformer switching, but would like small form factor if possible but not so small (like some I’ve read about) that they get hot or burn out prematurely. Any recommendations appreciated?

Sinope. Not cheap, but are reliable Zigbee smart plugs.