Smart outlet recommendation for Bidet


I have a Bio Bidet USPA Pro bidet in our bathroom which is currently plugged into a GFCI outlet nearby. This bidet has a heated seat and a water heater as well which are on all the time. Not a huge issue when I have power and don't mind paying for the energy used.

But After experiencing a power outage where my Tesla Powerwall ended up draining rather fast, I started to consider using a smart outlet for the bidet so I could turn it off when power is out and battery backup is critical. I could also add rules to turn it off and conserve energy during periods when bathroom use is not expected.

I was wondering if others in the Hubitat community are doing something similar in bathrooms for high power draw appliances. Looking for recommendations for something that doesn't mind a bit of humidity and safe to use with this bidet which has a heater capacity of up to 1200W for the water. Here is the manual and specs for this product.

I have the same bidets in my bathrooms. I just use some generic zigbee outlet to control power to them. My rules are to turn power off when the house is unoccupied. And when the main water valve is shut off.


I use the Zooz ZOOZ ZEN15 POWER SWITCH – ZOOZ Zen15. I also have an extensive rule where if the unit is left on and pulls more than 50 watts after 20 or 30 minutes it will turn off the plug. If no >50 watts for two hours after the trigger the first time, the rule ends and the plug stays on.

I have a Toto bidet seat in my bathroom. Power consumption is under 4W
when seat is not active but newer the less it keeps seat and water at a
comfortable level. I am using Sengled outlet with power reporting capability.
Power to the seat is always on. But I am using seat/outlet combination
as "toilet occupied" sensor. Works very reliably.


These are all really great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration folks.