Smart Locks & Hubitat

I have wanted to move into the Smart Lock realm for years now. There's always something that stops me. I know that I want my Smart Lock managed from Hubitat and not from some mobile app. I also want my Smart Lock to be either Zigbee or Zwave. I use an Android phone and ideally I want my Smart Lock key to either be my Google Pixel 7 phone or my Fitbit. Both the Fitbit and the Pixel have both Bluetooth and NFC.

It seems to me that NFC would be the ideal key mechanism. In my research, the Schlage Connect looks like it supports Z-wave. From what I have seen here, it works with Hubitat. It looks like this lock works with "Apple Home Keys". I am not an Apple user and I do not ever plan to be an Apple user. Can my Pixel phone or my Fitbit Sense 2 watch be used as a key and most importantly, can the keys be managed on Hubitat?

z-wave and zigbee locks work fine with hubitat. I have 3 schlage be469 z-waves. They are agnostic to what phone you use because they're controled by Hubitat. There are some NFC integrations with hubitat you could use or you could use phone proximity to unlock. There are no "keys" but communication between the hub and the lock is encrypted.

Smart Home Solver has a good summary of locks that he just posted this past weekend:


Don't bother with U-Tec if you want a smark lock to report more than just open/close via z-awave.

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We are currently using 11 Kwikset 914 Zigbee locks with Hubitat and the built-in Lock Code Manager app with no trouble whatsoever.

Average battery life (4 AAs) for each one has been right around a year.

I just put the Zwave Yale Assure Lock 2 in a few months ago. I didn't find it hard to install at all. They have Wifi, Zwave, Zigbee and bluetooth bundles for it. I think they all have bluetooth though so that is the cheapest i believe.

I second the Kwikset zigbee locks, they just work!

Looking for advice. We moved to Hubitat in March and updated our lock to a Schlage BE468GBAK Zigbee. Everything installed fine with couple of repeaters, was great for first 3 months but since then the keypad has died a couple of times, locking our guests out (it's a rental home) and the battery drain is noticeable, Disconnecting the battery got the keypad working again, but it's proving unreliable.
So, we're now looking for a new lock which is super reliable, has decent battery life, key option, and plays well with Hubitat. Our quick thoughts are SCHLAGE BE469ZP or Yale Assure Lock 2 but would appreciate recommendations or thoughts on these lock versions.

I will be interested in what your final solution is. My thoughts are that generally Zigbee will be the most battery efficient protocol providing longer battery life than either Z-Wave or Wifi. That being said, "which" Zigbee repeater that you choose makes a difference in terms of how your mesh behaves and how reliable it is. Your problem is most likely not your lock and more likely an issue with something that is making the mesh not work reliably. The removal and replacement of the battery would support this theory.

Thanks. We're using CMARS Zigbee Smart Plugs as repeaters, one near the lock, another half way to hub. These are the only hardwired zigbee devices we have, everything else is zwave.
Sorry, should have been clearer. The keypad was dead / unresponsive, but I was still able to see / control the lock remotely via app. That suggests a problem with the keypad or the connection to the lock. Either way, no good.
I really like the Schlage Connect locks but reliability is key.