Smart Lock: Non-standard door thickness

Hey all! It’s been a hot second, but I’ve been tasked to look for our front door handle. I want to place a smart lock on the deadbolt: either in Z-wave or Zigbee.

My problem is our front door is not the standard thickness. It’s slightly thicker at 2”. I believe standard is 1.75”. Would that pose a problem? Does anyone know if any of the Schlage or Kwikset smart locks would work for a thicker door?

If you look on Amazon, they should have the door thickness in the "about this item" section. Yale Assure says " * Replaces your existing deadbolt in minutes on standard doors, 1-3/8" to 2-1/4" thick with just a screwdriver. No additional holes needed. Mounting hardware and batteries included".

Kwikset makes a lock that just replaces the indoor latch, so door thickness would not be an issue. There is no keypad but you can control it through HE, or put an external keypad outside. I think you can get it in Zigbee or Z-wave. I have a zigbee version and it works well.

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August has the same thing, too. I was considering that option, as well. Although, my husband is really weird about being able to open the lock with a physical key if he wants to AND having a keypad, so that’s the only reason it’s towards the bottom of my options. He just wants all the options. But good to know Kwikset has it, too.

Both Kwikset and Yale are compatible for 2” thick doors it seems. Schlage isn’t. Which is kind of a bummer because Schlage was my first choice when it comes to locks. Oh well.

For anyone curious, I ended up getting the Kwikset 916 Z-Wave Contemporary lock. Schlage wasn't compatible for 2" doors. I thought the Yale ones looked ugly. August only came in Matte Black and Nickel and I needed it in some hue of Bronze. I also didn't like the way their keypad looked.

What was weird to me was while I was looking through the different Kwikset ones, the "max door thickness" changed between protocols.

Max door thickness by Model and Protocol for the "Contemporary" style:
914 Zigbee: 2"
914 Z-Wave: 1 3/4"
916 Zigbee: 2"
916 Z-Wave: 2 1/8"

Hope this helps someone else who doesn't have a standard door thickness