Smart Lock Alternative use

I'm looking to replace my outside garage door keypad cause it's busted. But I want something smart.

My idea is to mount the keypad portion of a door lock like my Kwikset, and then setup things like outlined below.

Shoot holes in this idea? Or give it thumbs up? or better suggestion?

Trigger: "User 1234 unlocked the (fake door)"
Action1: Open garage door
Action2: Lock the (fake door)

Trigger: "user 5677 unlocked the (fake door)"
Action1: Turn off all the lights in the house
Action2: Lock the (fake door)

Trigger: "User 911911 unlocked the (fake door)"
Action1: Sound the house alarm
Action2: Lock the (fake door)

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How about a Ring Keypad with a cover? Both Gen 1 and Gen 2 are supported (C-7 hub required), but I'm told the Gen 1 has more features with HE.

I was thinking a Ring Keypad as well although I do not have one to know what you can do with one. If you use a lock keypad like you were thinking, you will probably need something like what I posted here to trigger on Lock Codes used.

Does this work on C4/C5 hubs?

It shows up in the list of devices on the C-4 and C-5 hubs, but it requires the C-7 Z-Wave radio. Won't include on an earlier hub. Sorry.

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