Smart Lock Advice

I have 2 August Smart Locks, a first-generation and a second generation. They are both Bluetooth. My second generation is giving me some issues connecting to my phone lately so I'm looking at potentially replacing it in the near future. I've been of the mindset that smart locks don't belong in your smart hub because if someone were to gain access to your hub they could just unlock your door and let themselves in. I also liked that the locks required the unique bluetooth hardware to actually unlock the door.

Am I crazy for thinking this way? Do those of you that have your locks feel safe with them attached to your smart home? Any best practice suggestions for locks would be appreciated

Thanks in advance for the replies

You're not crazy in thinking that way. I might be called paranoid if it's about security sometimes. I actually have firewall rules on my router to block devices on my lan from accessing other devices on my lan. But I do have my danalock v3 controlled through my hub. But I have my hub's cloud access blocked. And have a VPN to access my lan. It makes shure I never forget to lock the door behind me when I'm gone. And also locks the door at night as soon as I hit my bed.

With them attached to your hub, you can easily have rule machine notify you everytime the lock is unlocked or locked.

I have the same firewall rules on my devices and vpn access as well. Thanks for the info

That's a good point I didn't think of that