Smart life wifi bulbs

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I appreciate all the help that this community has offered to get me started. Before I bought my hue and osram lighting system I had bought quite a few of the china light bulbs that are wifi. They don't work with a controller except the smartlife app on my cell phone. I would love to be able to command them from HE. I tried the Smartlife driver here on the website but it did not see any of my bulbs on scan. I may of set all that up wrong I dunno. Can anyone offer suggestions for this?

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edit: this post was all wrong...

I probably used the controller driver. Can you point me to the bulb driver?

I misspoke actually. I'm thinking of magic home...
I have a smart life bulb and am in the same boat as you. Would love a driver that doesn't require a middleman server.

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+1 on a way to control tuya based wifi bulbs. I have 4 adj. white tuya bulbs and a color bulb. I also have a few of the power plugs that are tuya based. Any way to get these to work would be great!


Any updates or solutions on this one to integrate the Smart life bulbs?

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+1 I am also still waiting on whether they will control these bulbs. They are relatively inexpensive and the adj. white ones I have are 1100 lumens.

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+1 Would like to know if anyone has created drivers for the Tuya bulbs. I think Kogan have these rebranded now, pretty inexpensive. Tried erocm123's controller drivers but realised this is a controller not the actual globe driver, so won't find the globes.