Smart lever lock and deadbolt on same door?

So the boss lady has ordered a new front door and it’s the perfect time to get a smart lock.

Before the company comes to do the final measurements I need to decide how to tackle this.

I may be asking for trouble by wanting to do both a smart lever lock and deadbolt. I figure it would be less hassle just to do a regular lever lock and smart deadbolt. But I was wondering....

  1. Has anyone done both a smart lever lock and deadbolt on the same door?
  2. If so, which ones?
  3. Is physical spacing gonna be an issue?
  4. Any thoughts or comments on this setup?

If someone has done this, some pics would be great.

I would never do both a smart lever and deadbolt... What's the point? Is there ever a time you will want the lever and deadbolt to do the opposite action (one locked, one unlocked)? If so, why?

It doubles the cost, and sounds like a recipe for disaster in terms of keeping the two in sync,

I would do a standard, non locking, lever and a smart deadbolt.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that possible recipe for disaster makes me think the regular lever lock and smart deadbolt is the way to go.

Just keep in mind if someone (like my wife and cleaning people used to do) locks the lever, you aren't getting in even if the deadbolt is unlocked.... :smile: That's why I like NON-locking levers + smart deadbolt.


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