Smart Led Bulb

I have several Moes Downlights which are Color and White Smart Led Bulbs. They say they are compatible with Alexa and Google Home.

They work now on my IOS app.

Can they be controlled by Hubitat?

If they work with Alexa they can be controlled via HE through Alexa.

You can do that in a couple of ways.

  1. Create a Virtual device in HE that you can trigger a Alexa routine with. This will need to be motion or contact sensor. So basically you can turn them on and off.

  2. You can install echo speaks, and you can then send direct Alexa commands to a Alexa controlled device through HE. Echo speaks has a non trivial install process and requires an always on server to use it.

The best option is to find a community driver and if there is one perhaps someone can direct you to that.

Didn’t like your options. Saw I can order from Moes the same thing with Zigbee.
That is probably thaw easiest.

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LIFX also has some great downlights. Superior color and brightness to the moes. Native, and 100% local on HE. Can export to homekit easy with color wheel.

I think they work with [BETA] Tuya Cloud Driver (Limited device support) via the Smart Life or Tuya app. It would be controlled controlled; though, it tends to work fairly quickly. LIFX, Wiz, and Philips Hue all make models that would work locally with Hubitat if you did not want to use Moes.