"Smart kitchen shelf" - DIY or any out of the box product?

Hi :slight_smile:
I want to make my groceries list more automated and accurate, so I want to add the ability to know what I have in a particular shelf. and then I know in an instant what to buy in the store with out even be at home.
So what I thought about is to have some pressure sensor, connected to some plate which I will put the items on it, then if I will have one of this for every item I will know what is missing by it weight.

So I guess I can do it using raspberry PI with some sensor (never done something like that).
But is there any out of the box or semi out of the box product? if not, anyone has some good tutorial of how to do this kind of project with raspberry ?

There is an article for handcrafting fabric sensors on Adafruit here that talks a bit about a pressure sensor. They offer a sheet of material for $4.95 but I am not familiar with it to know how you would actual use it.

You do not need a RasPi for something like this though (unless you are most familiar with that) as even simple arduino-based projects (or maybe even better would be an ESP8266 or ESP32 of some form) have more than enough capability to get data from multiple pressure sensors and provide them via a simple webpage for polling by a Hubitat driver OR via Hubduino.

On the home assistant forum there was a guy that bought one of the Amazon shelves and then replaced the brain with an arduino. He was able to keep the load cells and everything fit in the same form factor.