Smart Home Diagram

Saw some people posting diagrams of their smarthome setups on reddit and figured I'd try to throw together something. Their diagrams always looked so nice and simple, but then I realized they don't have as many devices. :frowning:

Most of my stuff is controlled automatically via triggers such as presence, time of day or motion. The rest are voice controlled via siri or alexa and of course we still have manual controls on pretty much everything.

As I move forward I keep trying to avoid cloud connected devices but sometimes they just find their way back in.

Hopefully this comes out right.

Edit: It may be hard to read hear but in firefox at least you can right click on it and select view image to zoom in on things.


Looks cool - what did you use to build this diagram?

I threw it together quickly in The icons I just drag over from google onto it.

Its not pretty but it gives me a good idea of what I am working with.

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Looks great! In Chrome, just click here, then click again on the image window that opens and it will zoom in automatically to the size of the browser window