Smart Home Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Today is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and has a tendency to send holiday shoppers into a frenzy in the United States and around the world. To help elevate the smart gadgets that our users will be shopping for this weekend, Hubitat is offering the lowest price ever for our Hubitat Elevation model C-7 hub : $99.95!


Comment below what smart devices will you be adding this weekend to your new hub (or existing hub).

I'll go first. has some crazy bundles available today. Cannot wait to add the "Film Fanatics Bundle" to my living room set-up.

A bunch of other posts here already, if someone wants to merge the threads.

This is slightly different. It's about what users are purchasing and will connect to Hubitat Elevation once the products are delivered.

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I am closing on a new (to me) house next week, so I have had tons of stuff in watch lists for weeks.

  • Centralite (PEQ branded) thermostat - scored a deal on eBay, unrelated to BF/CM deals.
  • First Alert Z-Wave Smoke & CO alarms - keeps going out of stock at Costco, but still trying. Philips Hue motion sensors (indoor and outdoor) also keep going out of stock.
  • Linkind Water Leak Detector - 4 pack on Amazon. I don't need any surprises at the new house!
    EDIT: just added the LEDVANCE 75541 RGB accent lights (also on sale at Amazon), since my wife will expect my first automation to be colorful Christmas lights.

It is hard to know exactly what I will want to automate until we live there for a bit. Any deals on 6-gang switches or dimmers? Maybe Lutron GRAFIK Eye?

There is no such thing. Those are all individual switches underneath that plate. Your only concerns will be how big/deep the box is, are they 3-way, and if you have neutrals. It will be hard to tell any of this without being there to take off the faceplate.


I'm getting some Inovelli switches. Oh wait, no I'm not. :frowning:


I neglected to add any indication that I was being facetious, but you are correct. After setting up satisfactory holiday lighting, I get to start the arduous task of cataloging each switch in the house, correcting mislabeled circuit breakers, and updating each fixture and control. The hidden taxes of moving.

Just before I saw this post I was looking at a site and saw a six gang faceplate and thought it was a bit crazy. Then I realized that it would make my install cleaner if they had only installed one box instead of two.


BTW: It is the three GE switches on the right that I want to replace with some Inovelli switches if they ever get some in stock.

Will a 6 gang box even fit in a standard stud cavity?... wow...

Does that door lead to the garage? If yes, and you want to downsize that box, you could replace the whole works with a couple 5 button scene controllers and two ZEN16 relays mounted in a box on the back side of the wall.

No such luck - front door. No way that we are doing scene controllers, either ... just me reading the room with the intended audience. The onus is on the automation programmer to have stuff "just work". Nobody - including the programmer - wants to walk over to a keypad and remember what each button does. At our old house, I didn't touch a button or switch for months.

i have some 4 and 5 and they are a pain especially if you have to pull out the neutrals from bundles behind and run jumpers from switch to switch.. the wire management is a nightmare.. cannot even imagin what 6 wouild be like.

Also be careful with 6 gang I imagine there are more circuit in there ... don't run jumpers where there are not.any or you can crosswire the circuits like someone our condo . Then it would be dangerous and take more than one circuit breaker off before the power was off and potentially more Amps than you wanted could traverse through the circuits.


Switchbot stuff at 30% off. I never see them on discount.

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These aren’t directly supported by HE, but where there’s a will there’s a way. They have some awesome deals on switches (up to 4-gang) and support for both neutral and non-neutral applications.

What did you use to label those? I've got some 2x 3-gang switch locations and a couple one-offs that just aren't intuitively located. Labels would help. I do have a P-Touch labeler but until now have only had black-on-white tape. Clear tape should be delivered on Tuesday, I hope.

There are some really cool options on Etsy, with custom laser etched labels on switch covers. In my case, I don't think that printed labels would pass spouse approval. Your household may vary.

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I laser engraved them and used a Sharpie to fill in the lettering.

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That’s why I use the Inovelli switches. I have the load disconnected from the switch and use smart bulbs in everything. You can still control the load from the device page if you need to cycle power for some reason.

The lights are all automated but the switches are there for guests to use local control without cutting power. A couple of them use double and triple taps as well but you don’t need to remember those for day to day use.

Some Inovelli's will probably work there way into the new domicile - partly to support their active engagement on forums like this and partly to play with some of their neato features. Hopefully the supply chain cooperates.