Smart Doorbell with ONVIF support in the UK?

As per the subject line - can anyone recommend a smart doorbell (wired or wireless) that's available without too much hassle in the UK, doesn't need its own hub and has ONVIF support?

(Background: Would like to catch the doorbell's output with Synology Surveillance Station, and from there send notifications over to HE and trigger lights, etc... as required.)

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how about Reolink?


Hmmm, thanks, that does look promising - will have to consider how practical running an ethernet cable to the door would be, but as a fallback they do a WiFi version of the doorbell too.

It might take a few weeks for anything to happen, but I'll keep this thread updated on progress.

Ive been waiting for these to come in stock when they were first announced way back. Ive just bought the POE version to replace my nest hello purely for its ONVIF support to integrate with my hikvision NVR.

Is there anyway of integrating the reolink with HE to capture the button press or is there no current integration available?

Not related to the doorbell but there's hope.

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Does the reolink doorbell have HTTP endpoints to call?

Not at the moment. There was some talk about it a few months ago. They do have Onvif profile T and some API but I didn't look hard since I was only helping a family member installing the reolink cameras and doorbell. They use the Reolink app.

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Well, an update of sorts...just went to the Reolink site to order the WiFi version, and it turns out the "Add to cart" button gives you a page that has "Notify Me" rather than "Checkout" on it. In turn that takes you forward to somewhere you can enter your email address.

Not available at all (in the UK?) at the moment, it seems. Same for the PoE version.


I've had really good luck so far with the Reolink. You can see more detailed ONVIF feedback here:

There is HA integration but I'm not aware of any Hubitat integration yet.

I don't know about the UK availability, but I use the Amcrest AD410 ( exactly as you're describing.

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Thanks! After a quick search it looks like I might need to order it from the US, and get a few extras to set it up (we don't have any existing transformer or chime in place, and unlike the Reolink the Amcrest comes with neither) but it does have the significant advantage of actually being available!

I got my POE model from you just need an adapter for the chime.

I waited for it to become available in the uk but missed their first batch so bought from there and had no problems

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Thanks - I've gone ahead and ordered the WiFi version from that site (I'd seen them available on, but needing a voltage adapter for the chime would have been a step too far) - I'd foolishly assumed everywhere else would be in the same "not the US" supply boat as the UK :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:.

Being the WiFi version you have ordered I'm guessing it'll come with a euro PSU to power the doorbell itself?

You might be best to check on that, not sure if it comes with changeable ends on the power supply. Mine being POE it doesn't come with a power supply so I only need an adapter for the chime.

An actual progress update - to summarise everything to date:

  • Reolink doorbell ordered from Germany's Amazon - in the end and after quite a bit of dithering I went with the PoE version as that presented the less awkward cabling option.
  • Doorbell delivered on promised date; power socket adapter for the chime unit also obtained.
  • Everything tested prior to installation and proved to work as expected.
  • Most recently (yesterday) assorted holes drilled, channels routed and network cabling fiddled with to complete the actual installation.
  • ONVIF streaming easily turned on from the doorbell, and now being recorded by Synology Surveillance Station.

The doorbell's now up and running, and integration with existing systems partially done. Lessons learnt:

  • Unsurprising, but the default sensitivity and active detection regions need tweaking for our particular view.
  • If you're in the habit of connecting new network sockets by snipping the end(s) off spare network cables and wiring them in, whatever you do don't use a ribbon-type cable; I tried using this type for the first time for the doorbell, to take advantage of its reduced profile and increased flexibility. Unfortunately the actual wires inside the cable are themselves also much thinner, to the extent that they don't make proper contact when pushed down into the socket's terminals (it took much head-scratching, swearing and trial-and-error before the penny dropped on this one :man_facepalming:).

Next steps are to get the Surveillance Station to send Hubitat/MakerAPI presence notifications so that can be hooked into external lights, etc... But that'll all be using approaches already documented on the forums so barring problems I won't bother covering old territory by posting on that.


@ian3 How are you getting on? I never went 'live' with my implementation, but I did get Maker API working with Synology to create camera motion events, and also a switch going back the other way to change the synology mode to Home/Away (as to whether it is recording etc)

Am very interested if you can get the doorbell pushes into hubitat, as I'm onylk using this with a standard ONVIF camera.

TBH, "slowly" is probably the best way of putting it; I'm in no great hurry to start on the MakerAPI side as it'll be some weeks before there are controller units on any of the things I'll ultimately tie into the camera.

So for the moment I'm concentrating on getting the detection thresholds where they need to be, which is proving fiddlier than expected (the doorbell camera tends to raise a "person present" flag when a large vehicle goes by on the road beyond our drive, even though that area's entirely within a region marked for "ignore" :man_shrugging:).

Anyway, will report progress (or lack of!) when I do get round to looking at those other aspects.

I tried the ReoLink alongside my QNAP QVRPro and it was sketchy to say the least. The issue seemed to be down to accessing the device at the same time as logging into the device using the App but overall it was just it went back.

I've recently purchased the Foscam Doorbell and it works like a supports up to two connections at the same time and I have it recording using my nas 24x7 as well as using the built in option and no issues after three days.

Although sharing limits the SD playback, providing my account with trusted family members gets around that obstacle.

The chime also acts as a Wi-Fi extender too (which I haven't found a way of hiding)

So far, the best unit I've tested to replace my Ring Pro