Smart Curtain Motor/Control

I'm in the market for a motorized curtain rod that can be controlled by Hubitat. Anyone using anything that they are happy with? I'm surprised there aren't as many threads about this on here as I expected. Open to Zigbee, Z-Wave or even WiFi control through a virtual switch on Alexa. I'm not too picky as this is in "my domain" and the WAF isn't super critical for this device.


P.S. Edited to add that I only need these to go from the right to the left, not center draw. Not even sure if this is relevant. They are curtains in from of a patio door in the basement.

I've seen a few devices designed to pull the leading edge of a curtain along an existing pole but I'm not a fan of those myself. A bit more work, but I fitted curtain rails that have a belt running inside them and a motor clipped to the end which is hidden behind the curtain. My motors are 4 wire mains powered - line open, line close, neutral, earth (Dooya DT52S). The motor is connected to a Qubino Flush Shutter Z Wave module. I have them automated but the module allows a momentary switch to be hard wired so they can be controlled using the switch as well.

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Assuming you are referring to the SwitchBot Curtain 3 which is what I was considering. Has anyone else have any experiences that with them and have an opinion of these?

I am usig 5 of this toys (original version 1) and they are working just fine.
At the beginning for the HE integration I was using @tomw nice drivers but this
is cloud based integration. For a different reason I added Home Assistant and
it immediately picked up all my Switchbot Curtains. Thanks to HA now the integration
is 100% local. I am using HADB for the HE-HA integration.

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Awesome to hear. I think Iā€™m going for v3 just released. Looks like you have to buy the hub now if i understand it correctly.

You need a Switchbot Hub only for the could-baseed integration. For the app only
and for the HA BT integration you don't need a hub.

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