Smart Ceiling Fan with Light

Has anyone had success integrating a smart ceiling fan with light into HE? Or is there a way to attach a smart dimmer and fan control to them without issues?

I’ve been looking for a 52” flush mount ceiling fan with low profile lighting. The only ones I could find on Wayfair that fills our needs are all “smart” capable. Here is an example: CARRO Aspen 52” Ceiling Fan with LED Lights

The only topic I could find on Carro fans is possibly using the Tuya driver, which seemed to be a hit or miss.

Found a Pottery Barn one that isn’t smart. Just unsure about this remote control it comes with. I’ll have to get the wiring instructions for it to see if I can have it wired to separate light and fan control: 52” Doreen Ceiling Fan

I have a ceiling fan with the fan controller and a separate dimmer for the light. I just had my electrician wire it that way when he installed it. He had to change the internal fan wiring to separate the fan and light. The fan controller I use is the old GE fan controller and the dimmer I use is an Innovelli Red Series, both using standard drivers.

I have several ‘dumb’ ceiling fans that have the Hampton Bay Zigbee module added to make it smart. These are like hen’s teeth. Also known as King of Fans. One fan came with a dedicated remote that got tossed.
I am not familiar with Bond, but that is another possibility.
You are not required to buy a smart fan. Buy the fan you like and convert it. The module slips in the mounting bracket and is not noticeable when the canopy is installed.

We bought a fan off Wayfare too. It’s controlled with a 433MHz RF control. So I bought an RM4 Pro and I use @tomw’s integration with a button controller in the wall. Works perfectly.


When I remodeled my home I used AC fans without a light kit and installed recessed lighting in the ceiling. Using Lutron Caseta dimmer for lights and fan controller for the fan. Removing the light kit also makes me feel better about having more overhead clearance since we only have 8’ ceilings.

I do have extra can lights from the kitchen we could put in the bedrooms instead of a ceiling fan + light.

That would be easier but I’d have to consult with our interior designer if we can do that instead of doing a ceiling fan + light combo.

Edit: Nevermind. My husband doesn’t want that because he doesn’t like our electrician lol

I find it easier to have the two separate for setting up rules for lighting and the fan if that makes any difference.

I totally agree. And honestly, I’m struggling because of my interior designer lol. The design she wants to have for the ceiling fan is one of those integrated ones where the light sits flush into the ceiling fan, but I’m having a hard time finding out that isn’t smart.

I may just go with one that has a light fixture on it that protrudes. I can find a lot of “dumb” ones for those.

I found this on AliExpress

Anyone used this?