Smart Cat litter box

Hello, I have the cat litter box from Petlux. It's sold under different brands too. - Automatic & self-cleaning litter box with App and odor filter – PETLUX - alink so you know what kind of product I have.

I would gues that it works via tuya as it works with "smart life". is there a way to get it working via HE? other hubs what can integrade Tuya may find other Tuya devices but not the litter box.


We bought one of these and I looked into getting it integrated into HE or Home Assistant, but did not have any luck. The device type isn't supported in any of the TUYA integrations I found.

That said, we ended up getting rid of it. It didn't do a great job of dealing with smells, and it was a PAIN to clean if there was a messy poop to deal with. This happened more frequently than necessary because of the small amount of litter it holds and how small the overall device is.

We now have the Litter Robot 4, which is more expensive, but it is a MUCH better product with a lot less babysitting necessary. I also have a friend who has the Popur X5 Self-Cleaning Litter Box for her SIX cats, which works well. I would have got the Popur if I was aware of it before I bought the Litter Robot 4.

That said, what are you trying to automate? These are self-contained automated systems that don't need a connection to other systems to function. If you want to trigger automations (ventilation?) based on its use then you can try using a vibration or motion sensor and connecting it to the litter box as a trigger.

Well, I am quite satisfied with the box. Just that the Ionisizer starts only after cleaning doesn't make much sense for me. Most of bad odor happens while my cat makes its business and while cleaning. i wantet to maybe start the ionisizer directly after my cat left the box or at least before the cleaning circle starts. And, build a fan which starts directly when the cat enters the box. well, I guess I could try it with a vibration sensor and see if the cat getting into the box gives enough data to control something. worth a try.

FWIW, I used a simple motion sensor just inside a regular litter box to trigger a dumb air freshener via an IR remote. It worked well enough I was using the same room as my home office all day with no odor problems.

Good to know. That gives me hope it will work for me too. I thought about a motion sensor too, but then I thought it might register motion outside the Box too. If nothing else works I'll go that way.

The first litter box I used, I had the motion sensor inside the litter box itself just above the opening and facing inward. The second one was a more open design and i made a 3D printed housing to block every direction of the sensor except the corner the box was in.

I'll also add that I just used an old spare PIR sensor. It was cloud-based, which is why I had replaced it originally, but the couple additional seconds of lag weren't very critical for the litter box usage.