Smart Business too?

I was curious to know if any Hubitat fans could riddle me this.

Does, or has anyone thought about, using Hubitat with z-wave/zigbee deployed outlets like the peanut, as a method of power cycling computer equipment in a closet such as the cable modem/router, wifi access point, switch, etc? or even servers?

An auto booter can be had for $99 on Amazon that simply pings and power cycles your equipment, but it has limited advanced testing and notifications.

The Hubitat, in combination with the outlets can do even more than the cheap auto booters...

A custom app in Hubitat could take the alerts generated by the Zigbee radio when it times out on the outlets...

The same app could auto trigger power off and power on for outlets based on conditions...

The outlets can track load and temperature (Yay! for hot data closets with broken air conditioners no one knew... Hubitat could notify, and even with enterprise automation tools, auto start a ticket to get it serviced.. ie. Solarwinds Orion, etc.)

It seems like Hubitat's open platform, and extremely powerful smart home features could be well suited for small/medium businesses that need their cameras to always be on/working, voip phones, cable modem/dsl/wireless/gpon/etc Internet service, and that one super important NAS in the closet buried among boxes, that keeps all their data.....

And how come a smart business cant have lighting, scenes, motion sensors, temp sensors, etc?

Is Hubitat not good enough for them too?

Since peanuts are the bane of my existence, I'd say no to peanuts. They're unstable on Hubitat. I would use a command to power cycle servers and people do use smart plugs to cycle routers and things that can just lose power on a whim. I'd be careful of pulling power on equipment, but would be nice to have some notification that the room is getting too warm to cycle fans or open dampers depending on your cooling system. I could see some use in that, and have thought about doing it at home, but the problem is you could cut off your nose to spite your face if you turn the wrong things off.

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For a commercial application, I would be concerned about the reliability of z-wave and ZHA devices (ZHA = zigbee home automation profile, which as I understand it is only one implementation of the larger zigbee spec) as a whole. That’s not an issue specific to hubitat or any one device though.