Smart bulbs on HE that remembers last power on state?

Does anyone know any bulbs that work native in HE that remembers their last power state??

Bulbs I am currently testing

Innr color
ERIA BR 30 bulbs
Sengled bulbs
Inovelli bulbs

Basically looking for when power goes off every bulb in the house doesn't turn

Half tempted for the bedrooms , put in inovelli switches , with sengled bulbs , so it's not a problem to turn off power to bedroom bulbs

The only ones I know of are Hue lights connected to the Hue bridge. For this reason I have only Hue in the bedrooms. My Sylvania rgbws will remember the last level and color/color temperature, which isn’t terrible if the power goes out at night because I have them set to 1% and 1800K at bedtime. I wouldn’t recommend them though unless you have recessed lighting. Those are great and I have never had one fail, but the A19 bulbs are a crapshoot for how long they might last.

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Do you really need smart bulbs?

Smart switches are infinitely better except if you "need" color changing.

Or how about these if you "need" RGBW.

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I need this color dimmer !!! Wish there was a zwave verison of it

Does it wire into the wall for power??

I forgot to mention , yes I need smart bulbs that are all color. I forgot to mention i live color, I put it in every room, fixture in the house

There is one spot in the basement that will be just a zwave light switch

These also have the option to remember the last power on state when connected via the sylvania hub - perhaps someone can sniff what commands need sent over zigbee to enable this ? That would be a godsend for me as my whole house consists of these bulbs!


Having a tune-able white bulb is absolutely a requirement for me in every fixture possible but that is just me. I do use the color as well but to me the biggest functional gain for smart bulbs is the CT adjustment.

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Why? Zigbee works just fine in most cases. Zwave would only drive up the cost as far as I am concerned.

And yea, the idea is it takes power from the wall, it goes in place of a normal switch. You would leave the bulbs powered, and use this like a button controller.

That works for me...... I might get one and give it a go

I have 3 zones in the kitchen

Kitchen counters
Lights above stove
Lights above kitchen table

The one I linked previously was 3 scene zigbee. They make a 3 Zone one too.

I guess I forgot they make Zwave too. Here is what you probably want, 3 Zone Zwave.

You should be able to accomplish this with our bulbs. There's a tutorial we wrote for ST, but it should be pretty similar for HE:

There's a parameter on the bulb that allows it to return to the last state as well and I believe it's written into the driver. @bcopeland would know for sure as he's done a lot of awesome work for the Inovelli bulbs.

Hope this helps and good luck!


:eyes: Yep.. sure is..


Thanks Eric !!! I will check that out and see if I can figure that out !

I just recently bought 8 of your redline dimmers and about to jump on the preorder for the fan dimmer

I have been thinking of your bulbs hooked up with your redline switches in the bedrooms. This way if power goes out while we sleep they don't pop back on
I did that combo in the foyer and love it !! Some people think it's over kill with smart switch with smart bulb but i like it a lot. Looks good on the wall also !

I currently have around 5 of your bulbs and testing 3 of them in my foyer area ( long story but that is my automation test area

@bcopeland has been awesome helping explain things while I go down this zwave journey :wink:


Your right, i completely overlooked this setting !!

I’m with you on that. I have a mix of these, Hue, and Zigbee dimmers. These (55 lights) are the only ones that come on after a power outage.

Me too. I use the rgbws mostly due to the much wider ct range.
I would love to replace some of my button controllers with the RGB Genie Zigbee controllers. It’s the pricetag that’s holding me back.

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i have 5 of the Hank RGB Bulb and they have the option you want "remembers their last power state"
Z-Wave Plus 908.42Mhz HKZW-RGB01 dimmable available on

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I don't know why but my Hue bulbs still come on sometimes even though I configured them not to

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Yes, it seems to be broken since one of the updates. I also use HueDynamic for Windows. It has a built-in feature to set a rule on the Hue bridge to shut off lights after a power outage, which has worked well since before Hue had the baked-in functionality. I have had the app for a few years now, and will say that it is a lot of fun and has a lot of functionality, especially if you have a lot of Hue lights.