Smart Bulbs in multiple groups in one room?

Let me set things up for my quesiton
Have a Hue Bridge
Master bed room has 8 Hue lights
1 Pair of can lights (recessed lights)
4 bulbs in a ceiling can
2 table lamps

In Hue these are all in one Room which is good because of scenes in the hue app. So its nice to control them as a whole for scenes

But some times you want to control them in smaller groups.

This room has 3 sw/dimmers.

  1. Inovelli red with relay disabled - button controller for on/off of the 4 bulps in ceiling fan
  2. Zooz Zen24 with relay disabled - button controller for on/off dim up/down
  3. GE ceiling fan controller for the fan

With the Ceiling fan bulbs as an example is it best to;

  1. If button pushed pushed turn off the 4 bulbs?
  2. Group the bulbs in HE, then If button pushed turn off HE group?
  3. Group them somehow in Hue, then If button pushed turn off Hue group?
  4. Something I have not thought of?

I can't offer you a solution but I have been wracking my brain over something very similar, so will be interested to see if anyone else has some ideas. I want to display a room switch on my dashboard, allowing me to see if any lights are on in the room and turn all the lights off in the room. That part works fine. The bit that I can't figure out is how to trigger a default scene for the room when I turn the switch on but still see the status of the room? I think the hue app behaves in a similar way to the problematic behaviour, where if you turn a room on all the lights come on.

Hue recommends limiting Bridge commands to no more than 10 per second for bulbs or 1 per second for groups (rooms or zones in the current app). [Secondary source, as I can no longer find this directly: Hue platform does not rate limit number of commands per second ยท Issue #9267 ยท home-assistant/core ยท GitHub]. Therefore, with 8 lights, even manipulating them all individually, you should theoretically be fine if everything you send is one command to the Bridge (e.g., just an on(), setLevel(), setColorTemperature(), or similar from Hubitat to turn them on/off or dim). However, you're still likely to notice the "popcorn effect" where all the bulbs change in quick succession instead of at the same time. Using a Hue group device can help with that. I've never manipulated 8 Hue bulb individually at the same time but have done up to 4 at the same time without problem (I haven't tried more and had a problem; I just have never had a reason to do so). You could certainly see how that works for you.

You can create "zones" in the latest version of the Hue app, which can be either a subset of bulbs in the same room or a group of bulbs from different rooms. These will show up as groups in the Hubitat integration. If you have predictable subsets of the bulb you often want to control at once, I would say this is likely to be better than doing a group on the Hubitat side (same reason as above: popcorn effect, or likely worse with >10 command/second...but with fewer than that, anything should technically work).

Not sure if this helps or not. :slight_smile:

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