Smart bulb with On/Off Status Recovery After Power Failure

Am looking for a smart build with “On/Off Status Recovery After Power Failure”

I have smart plugs with that feature. I love it because when we lose power at 2am, when it comes back on the light (whatevs) connected to that plug doesn’t automatically come on.

A couple of smart bulbs that we have don’t have that feature. Anyone know of a good smart bulb that does?


Wiz connected bulbs give you the option to select what to do when power is returned. Some Govee devices give you control of power return function, but i am pretty sure they don't turn on if they were off before power loss.

You want to make sure it isn't just a driver issue on HE. You may be able to find a different drive that enables the function. What bulbs are you having issues with.

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Hue is another one I know of that does that, but you'll need the Bridge (driver does not support it over directly Zigbee, at least not with its native feature). The "Advanced..." bulb drivers will also try their best if you enable this option in the driver, but it doesn't work with all bulbs, and the driver itself isn't compatible with all bulbs (including at least Sengled).

Nanoleaf Essentials are another bulb that I know supports this, but there is currently no direct integration with Hubitat. Their Wifi bulbs, which do work, might, but I don't have any to test.

Thanks! Gives me something to think about and look into. Wasn’t familiar with Wiz Connected stuff.

Thanks will check out that driver. I mostly have Zooz smart switches, few smart bulbs, so have avoided Hue and it’s need for another hub. Thanks!

If you wanted to go with Hue, but not use the bridge, folks are reporting success using [RELEASE] Philips Hue Zigbee Driver (not using Hue Bridge) that allows for power restore when a bulb is directly connected to Hubitat.

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Ooooo, cool. Will try it out! Thanks.

So you’re using a ‘recover off’ model. I think most Smart plugs work this way for safety reasons as they may control heaters or similar. Sensible I guess.

Lights however are very useful in a last state recovery but maybe it’s even better to have some automation that does the recovery when the light gets power again and decide based on time of day or current mode what is needed. I’m not sure if automations can determine if the new light status is due to a power restoration though (?).

Anyone with a traditional light switch controlling a lamp will be familiar with these issues, and in the state of turning ON from a traditional switch then ON is what’s intended, maybe at last brightness/colour. Turning OFF from a traditional light switch imposes an expected hardware assisted darkness ;-). There is a market in switch blanking plates to avoid this because the light is now no longer controllable anymore of course.

Yeah, it’s tricky. Would love to use a smart plug vs bulb in this instance as I could easily get to Recover off. But alas the plug is all but inaccessible. So chasing down a bulb/driver combo that lets me have that control.

What bulb am I using? Singled Classic, I believe.