Smart bulb dimming with Zooz switches and dimmers

Hi - I'm switching out some wall switches for ceiling lights that were controlled and dimmed by UPB switches, using standard LED bulbs. I've replaced the bulbs with Hue bulbs, and there are also other lights on the same circuit (track lights), so I'm going to switch to a zooz zwave switch that will only do on/off for the whole set of lights. I'd like to use the new wall switches to dim the hue lights via hubitat's hue integration.

I've got a couple approaches I'm considering but would appreciate input on what is likely to work.

Option 1 - Use an on/off switch, keep the relay enabled to power all the lights on the circuit. Use scene input from the switch to send dim/brighten commands to the hue bulbs. If I go this route, will I be able to use the scene commands to get continuous dimming?

Option 2 - Use a dimmer switch with the relay disabled. Handle everything via scenes including on/off. Will this work better for continuous dimming?

Generally - the thing I've been struggling with with all of my hubitat controls is getting continuous dimming. For instance, I have some track lights dimmed by Shelly dimmers. Due to wiring considerations I have no switches directly connected to the Shelly dimmers. I'm controlling them via Aqara remotes which mostly work very well. However I cannot get dimming via hold/release to work via start fade or start changing brightness (and then stop on release) to work at all. Nothing happens.

So I'm hoping I can get this to work with the Zooz wall switches to emulate normal wall dimmer behavior with the hue bulbs.

I could also use Innoveli switches I have but not sure if that's any better.


So i had a wiz bulb attached to a zooz switch. I had a few rules in RM that managed keeping the dim level in sync between the bulb and the switch. What i setup on the switch was to leave the relay always on, disabled control to the load, and then show states on the switch itself. Then a rule would simply send dim level commands to the bulb when the level changed.

The problem I see are that not all switched from Zooz can do this. The one i had initially worked but then failed. Supported pointed out that the switch needed to see the load change with the level change on the switch so be careful with that. This also doesn't address the continuous fade oe brightness change.

I think Iaccomplished what you are asking though with sengled bulbs and a zen 34 remote switch. That is with a single bulb though and since you have multiple devices on the circut that could make it very complicated.

Thanks. So far I've not gotten continuous dimming to work via hubitat with any switch/dimmer or any load. I've tried using zwave wall outlets, track lights controlled by shelly relays, and now with Hue groups via the hub bridge. I've yet to find anything that actually responds to a Start level change command in the button controller.

Does it work when you do it from the devices page on HE.

nope. Driver doesn't seem to do anything when you click Start Level Change in either direction. I can change dim level to a specific number but not start any kind of ramp.

So the hue bulbs are connected via a hue bridge? Have you tried connecting directly to Hubitat and then see if they support it then.

Is the shelly wifi based. This seems like a pretty typical behavior for wifi connected bulbs.

The sengled bulbs definitely support what you are trying to do. Like i said i have it working witha bulb and a zen34 remote switch.

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