Smart Appliance Disconnect

Every device I own that does not absolutely require internet access, does not get internet access.


You mean my fridge doesn’t need an Internet connection!?!?!?

Yeah thankfully that fad of “it’s so cool, I can talk to it with my phone” is quickly fading.

Full disclosure: during the height of that, I went so far as to buy a smart sous vide circulator. :man_facepalming:

About the only one I found useful was a wifi enabled crockpot (Wemo based). My wife does a lot of prep cooking for the family so she would load up the crockpot before work, then around 10 or 1 depending on the recipe she would turn it on. Iot coffee makers, mixers, etc are just dumb... I do see the usefulness in lets say an iot enabled stove so that if the burners are left on you can be notified and have them turn off or an iot enabled hood so that if things get too smokey etc it can turn on... but yeah, that's about it.

I love my dumb coffee pot. It turns on and off via a z-wave plug-in when I want it to based on weekday/weekend and other conditions.

I have a Cuisinart grind and brew. It has a time and fresh grinds the beans and makes coffee at 5am...done

When we installed our new kitchen I was hell bent on making it smart. I got a Bosch Dishwasher with HomeConnect and an LG Fridge with ThinQ. I was annoyed that I didn't also get a smart washing machine thinking I was missing out...

  • The fridge continually disconnects and the Hubitat integration is hit and miss.
  • The HomeConnect Dishwasher works fine - I can start it remotely but never do. It pushes a message when complete so I know when to empty it (I get a notification from the app and from Hubitat via Rule Machine)
  • For the non smart washing machine I just added a Z Wave outlet with power monitoring so that we get a notification when its complete from Hubitat.

So really I could have just added a Z Wave outlet to a dumb dishwasher and a temperature sensor & contacts to the fridge to monitor that achieving what I wanted without having needing to have the devices connected to the cloud.

The 7 Best Dumb TVs Without Smart Features

My old, dumb Sony 46-inch died. My personal security risk --wife-- wanted to replace it with a full-blown smart tv, complete with built-in Roku. I nixxed that. Ordered the 55-inch Sceptre UTV 4K Ultra in the above review. In an effort to minimize the number of remotes, I also ditched the Sony surround sound and replaced it with a dumb one. Worked so well that I gave away an identical Sony setup that was in the master bedroom and duplicated the Sceptre setup. (I like hot spares.)

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Gotta be honest, I love my Roku tv's. Big Roku fans here. Though the only thing I have hubitat do is turn it off if left on when we go to sleep and after 6:30pm if you go to a channel it turns on a lighting scene. I like the Roku remote. It's simple and findable with find my remote on the roku. (Kids farking move it all the time and can't remember where they put it)

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