Small typo in zig bee status

disregard this post, done in error

Lol, I saw your order, and no typo!

No only did I initially attached wrong image, then realized I can’t spell when I uploaded the correct image which did not have a typo

I know, I saw the correct image too. But was funny, I was typing, is that a zigbee driller? :joy:

It’s a hell of a mess here this morning. Possible over intake of coffee, hotfix updating hub, have 4 screens open on 3 devices, a phone call, a pile of papers and a cat occupying any unused desk space.


You've just summarized my life (sans cat but still no unused desk space).

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You need a cat to shove stuff off your desk at his whim.

I have two bengals and if it isn't bolted down, or heavier than them, off it goes.