Small issue with button controller

Hi HE team, I noticed a minor issue with the button controller. I created a vbutton with multiple 'buttons', after creating some rules, etc. I needed a few more so I updated the device and increased the number of buttons. But when I went back into the button controller to add more actions it did not recognize the additional buttons. If I create a new rule with the vbutton all the updated, current buttons are available but the original button will not update.

Yeah, this is a known issue. It has a cousin problem of changing the button device to one with different capabilities. I will get to this soon.

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Ok, no sweat, thanks for getting back.

I think subconsciously I've been putting this off, as the code is gnarly to make this change (at least, my pea brain says YUCK when looking at how to fix it).

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Small suggestion, if possible, can you make all the buttons with 2 digits so they sort properly? i.e. When you sort, it does the old school 1, 10, 11, 12...19, 2, 20,...