Small enhancement or change to scenes that are restricted

I was running and upgraded to the version. Somehow, the scene I use for the master closet, the restricted settings got set to allow all modes but night. Of course now when HE goes into night mode and someone goes in the closet the light does not work. Took me a day or two to figure out it happens at night only.

Not sure how the change happened but.... I almost started to go down the rabbit hole of a bad motion sensor or something else and start removing adding or trying other motion sensors.

Then decided for grins to just check the scene out and in big red letters restricted was showing up in the scene itself. It would be nice if HE would post if a scene is restricted in the logs when set off so you at least a clue that either you changed something or something got changed and this is the issue.

Something like:
mcloset motion active
scene mcloset restricted

Would be helpful to maybe others. Once I remove the restrictions all is well.

I'll try to be diplomatic here.... I would say ideally the rule should have continued to function the way you configured it..... I'm sure there are reasons you had his issue, and hopefully those have been addressed in recent hot fixes. While catering for this anomaly may seem reasonable, to highlight future situations like this, I think solving the underlying issue is the more appropriate focus for HE staff.

Not sure you understand the issue, or maybe my explanation of it was not sufficient.

The rule works just fine, however if somehow you accidently set or the rule gets restrictions in place, it won't run with those restrictions. Such as I had Home, Day and Away checked somehow to only run during those modes.

However at night, it was not set to run, but also I had no indication why. It would be nice if there is a restriction like this that it said in the logs that so you either you know why its not working or you know you may have messed something up.

There is no hot fix or anything else needed. Something to help troubleshooting. That's as diplomatic as I can get, no different than working with our Engineers at work and something like this pops up.

Is your suggestion that when a rule doesn't run because it is restricted that it log that fact? Right now, as you discovered, they do not do so.

One issue with this is that could be a lot of logging depending on the restriction and the rule in question.

If possible or have it at least post once somehow. Luckily I happen to go look at the rule right before I started to removing things and changing things and I don't recall setting this at all.

Had I not looked I would have gone nuts knowing it was that simple and destroyed some of my setup for nothing.

For Scene this is not hard to do... Will put it in.

Yeah, not sure what I was thinking with the whole diplomacy comment, there's nothing unusual about pointing out an issue you have had and requesting an enhancement.

My suggestion was to focus more on why the restriction appeared ahead of introducing additional logging. Reading through the thread again, it makes sense that the logs would people to troubleshoot this kind of issue much quicker. Good idea.

Could another addition be to introduce some kind of indicator, say alongside a scene name or on the scene setup page, to show that restrictions have been defined for the scene? Maybe an asterix or a (R) next to the name? It could appear there all the time, I wouldn't want to only see it when it was in effect.

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Oh I like that idea of the indicator if there is a restriction. Great idea!

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