Hey everyone, I was just setting up some Zigbee outlets (I only got em cuz I wanted some Zigbee repeaters) and they were really ez to set up. But that's not my question. While setting them up I noticed a new device in my Hubitat device list with the name of: SM-A205U. I have no idea what it is or where it came from. I'm certain I didn't 'include' it. Its type is: Mobile App Device. This is a screen shot, or as much of one as I can get.

These are apparently the default settings.
Does this look familiar to anyone?
Once again, thanx fer the help

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy A20 phone?

When you install the Android Hubitat app, it creates a phone device. Could that possibly be what this is?


That must be what it is because we do have an A20 phone. I see I can choose between Arrived, Departed, and Device Notification. Can I use these settings to tell when the phone is 'home' (within Wi-Fi range)? I assume Device Notification will send a text to my phone, correct?